Salt, Sweet Salt ...

The salt from Cervia, Slow Food presidium since 2004, is defined as sweet because it has no bitter aftertaste typical of salt. In Cervia, a fortunate combination of climate and processing ensures that only minimal quantities of bitter salts deposit on the sodium chloride, leaving the salt a particularly pleasant and delicate taste that enhances the flavours of foods without altering them.

The composition of salt of the Camillone salt pan, the artisan salt pan worked by the volunteers of the Gruppo Culturale Civiltà Salinara, open-air section and integral part of MUSA.


Average analysis for 100 g of product

Sodium chloride: 95 g

Humidity: 4 g

Sulphates: 0.659 g

Calcium: 0.193 g

Iodine: 0.0002 g

Magnesium: 0.292 g

Zinc: 0.00003 g

Copper: 0.00008 g

Iron: 0.00109 g