Park of the Cervia Salt Pan

The salt pans of Cervia cover an area of 827 hectares of basins and canals for the movement of water. The yellow building on the right, encountered heading in the direction of Forlì along the Via Salara, is the Plant of the Park of the Cervia Salt Pan where the salt is produced using the French system: one annual harvest. In the saltworks, it is accumulated, bagged and sent for sale.

During summer, it is possible to see the mechanised harvesting with organised guided tours of the basins. Guided tours of the natural oasis are also possible. (

There is also a shop where it is possible to purchase all the products made with the “sweet” salt of Cervia, from the Salt of the Popes to salt chocolate, to the cosmetic products made in collaboration with the Spa facility of Cervia. The large heaps of salt that stand out in the factory yard are visible from the road (called tomb).