The Salt Warehouses

The ancient salt warehouses stored up to 23,000 tons of salt. They are part of the historical centre of the town. The warehouse on the tower side dates back to 1691 while that on the docks side was built in 1712 using the stones of the ancient fortress of old Cervia.

Structures in bricks with powerful walls had to protect the precious good awaiting commercial distribution. They are interesting examples of industrial archaeology with an evocative structure similar to that of a cathedral with wide naves.

Up to the 1960s, they were connected by a conveyor belt that brought the salt from the burchielle (boats) to the interior of the warehouses for storage. Today, the tower warehouse is used for exhibitions meetings and cultural events. The interior is the permanent site of MUSA, the salt museum of Cervia.

The warehouse that overlooks the docks lends itself to cultural and artistic events.