The Camillone Salt pan

Along the Via Salara in the direction of Forlì, the Camillone salt pan is on the left. This remains the last of the artisan salt pans that amounted to 150 before the transformation. It is the open-air section of MUSA, salt museum of Cervia, and antenna of the Salt and Sea Museum. Here, the voluntary salt workers produce the salt still using the old method – called “of Cervia” – used until 1959, when the salt pan changed structure and shifted to a more modern and mechanised type of production.

In the artisan salt pan, you can still breathe the climate of the manual activity with the movement and processing of salt with the wooden tools which are on display today in the museum. The salt is harvested every day in summer alternating the basins.

Guided tours (visite guidate)and unique experiences, like that of becoming a salt worker for a day (salinari per un giorno), are carried out here.