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  • 24/02/2021

New website for MUSA

New graphics and content implementation

New version goes online

New graphic image and implementation of contents for the new website of the salt museum of Cervia, online from today. The museum website has been completely revamped in terms of graphics thanks to a collaboration with the IT department of the Town of Cervia. The website, whose address is (the same of the previous site), presents new images of the rooms, of the materials on display, of the events, of the Camillone salt pan and has added information in the section dedicated to the museum, to the column “Places of salt” and in other sections. Different images illustrate the museum and the salt pan, images that have been in part realised by the MUSA photography group and made available precisely for this purpose. The group of amateur photographers was set up inside the museum and, on different occasions, has provided supporting photographic images for initiatives to promote and document the activities of the museum, salt pan and town.

The website, which uses an open source CMS (content management system), with improved indexing, takes full advantage of the visibility gained over time through the old version and maintains the positioning achieved over the years, with a tendency to improvement determined by the renewal of the information tree and graphic design. The site, already mobile friendly, will also have a version in English (currently in the pipeline) which will make it more easily accessible from abroad.

Coordinated with the graphic image of the website, a Newsletter service is also launched with completely renewed graphics and distribution system. The new personalised version echoes the colours of the website and has more interesting graphics.

“Despite the restrictions imposed by the anti-Covid regulation and the consequent sporadic openings and closures in recent times – declares the councillor Cesare Zavatta – the museum continues to work to offer visitors new, greater and improved services and to promote its outstanding cultural contents”.



Cervia, 24th February 2021