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  • 09/06/2020

MUSA Salt Game

Re-opened to the public the salt museum of Cervia is tinged with colours for the treasure hunt dedicated to younger visitors. Through the app Salt Game and the beacons inserted inside the museum route, the children can pretend to be researchers and reach the “treasure.” Aside from being immaterial, namely knowledge and understanding of materials on display at the museum, it becomes tangible in a small complementary prize at the end of the route.

The game is simple. Downloaded the app and photographed the QR code on the display board at the entrance to the museum, the game will guide children along the route through simple questions to answer, choosing from 3 possibilities. A score will mark the correctness of the answer and a score will indicate the prize to be collected. The children can discover, among other things, what salt is, where it comes from, what a burchiella is, what a garitta is and what happened to the town in 1698.

An initiative that wants to arouse the curiosity of children who can follow their parents in the museum visit following a tailor-made path for them.

The flamingo is the mascot of this game realised thanks to the contribution of Delta 2000 within the scope of the INNOCULTUR project.



Cervia, 9th June 2020