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  • 07/01/2021

Let’s rebuild the pine forest! Plant a pine tree too!

MUSA, the salt museum of Cervia is proud to contribute to the revitalisation of the portion of pine forest of Milano Marittima devastated by the terrifying whirlwind in July 2019, when a tornado of extraordinary intensity felled thousands of centuries-old pine trees creating a deep and evident wound in our green heritage. It is a contribution to restore our forest to its original beauty.

Late last year, the museum began to raise funds through a dedicated campaign inside the museum and continued to do so throughout the summer. Numerous museum visitors wanted to leave their contribution for the reconstruction of the pine forest, but the museum has also had the support of other realities of Cervia that have worked hard to increase the donation to the town. ASCOM Cervia donated 300 euro, Christmas Run (2019), Vivila Pinarella and Consorzio Riviera dei Pini have contributed 1000 euro, a group of citizens who organised bingo for this purpose and delivered 52 euro to the Museum. The Proloco of Savio has recently joined the campaign with 1500 euro. The salt museum has collected 1125 euro with the personalised pine tree stickers.

At MUSA, a display board had been realised to raise funds with the image of the devastated pine forest on which stickers were inserted with images of personalised pine trees with the donors’ names. This initiative saw the solidarity of Tuttifrutti and Elios Digital Print that gave the museum the gift of the display board and stickers.

The total funds raised amounted to 3977 euro and it was paid to the town council on the current account dedicated to the reconstruction of the pine forest, joining with the other funds originating from other solidarity initiatives dedicated to the pine forest.

A heartfelt thanks to all those sensitive people who participated in this solidarity initiative that wants to contribute to the reconstruction of our forest.




Cervia, 3rd November 2020