The salt pans of Cervia in Legami & Contrasti

Online, since Friday 26 February, the episode of LEGAMI & CONTRASTI dedicated to Cervia and its salt pans.

This is an activity to promote the area: the journey of the protagonists highlights the most beautiful and charming areas of our territory.

The images in the salt pans of Cervia were filmed last September. They show the processing and harvesting of salt, as well as the charming landscape in which it is set. @webserie_legami_e_contrasti is the Instagram page on which news and photos related to the places featured are uploaded, tagging them with the hashtag #MyRavennaPhoto. Some images are chosen and shown/linked to the end of each episode. A way to discover the territory through the camera’s gaze.

The episodes of the web series are published on Fridays and visible on the Youtube channel #My Ravenna at link

Photos on the set of Gabriele Bernabini

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