Saline d'Europa: Francia, Portogallo e Italia

From 1st June to 30th June, inside the MUSA you can discover the photographic exhibition dedicated to the salt pans of Europe.

The photographic exhibition presented in the rooms of the Cervia Salt Museum tells the story of the salt pans and the evocative landscapes of CERVIA (I) - LA BAULE (F) - VILA REAL ST. ANTONIO (P).

The possibility of exhibiting these images starts from the collaboration between MUSA, the photographers of the GF MUSA and the French photographers of the city of La BAULE. This constitutes the first step of a much wider photographic project that would like to tell all the European sea salt pans.

Through these images it is possible to grasp many recurring elements in the gestures and landscapes of the three salt pans. It seems like an invisible thread connects the world and the salt miners beyond all border. Thanks to the pictures, the visitor can comprehend them even if the places are distant.

Thanks to this initiative you will be able to discover magical scenarios and visit distant places closely!

If you want to try new experiences, we are waiting for you!

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