Presentation of "Macòd e i bambini"

Every year the MUSA - Cervia Salt Museum proposes the initiative "A scuola con i Salinari" to the third grades of primary school. It is an educational project to transmit memory of the origins of the salt pans of Cervia, to make people understand the landscape and its conformation and the ancient craft of the salt-making. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, the initiative was suspended.

During the year 2018/19, within this path, a new activity was introduced which led to the realization of some drawings and stories by the students. They have been collected in a publication entitled "Macòd and children".

It will be donated to the children who contributed to its realization, to the teachers who participated, to the school administrators and to the libraries of the school complexes of our municipality.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday 12 May at 15:00 with the schools that took part in the initiative. The meeting will take place on Meet. It is not open to the public.


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    Piattaforma Google Meet
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