Photo exhibition "Cervia Ritrovata"

The exhibition "Cervia Ritrovata: The discovery of the ancient city and its territory" returns to MUSA


The exhibition "Cervia Ritrovata: the discovery of the ancient city and its territory" will be open to the public until March 27th. It is a path that illustrates, between images and stories, the archaeological investigation in the area of ​​Cervia vecchia, in the middle of the salt pans, in the months of September and October 2021. In particular, a series of panels narrates the excavation activities carried out in the area of ​​the salt pans that hosted the ancient city of salt until 1698, before its transfer to the sea.

The images, shots of the MUSA Photographic Group (group of photographers born inside the museum), guide the visitor's eye to discover the work of investigation and excavations in the area where the ancient city stood, while the story of archaeologists offers an overview of the activities carried out by bringing them to the attention of the public.

The path began in 2019 and sees the collaboration of the University of Bologna - Department of History, Cultures and Civilization, of the Superintendency of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Ravenna, Forli-Cesena and Rimini; of the Municipality of Cervia, of the Salinara Civilization Cultural Group and MUSA. (Concession Prot. N. 0002604).

Talking about the "Cervia Vecchia Ficocle Project", and the activities carried out, also illustrated in the photos on display, will be the archaeologists who worked on the field, illustrating the fascinating investigation path to visitors, explaining the techniques and methodologies used in this " journey to discover the remains of the ancient city ".


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    MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia
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