MUSA meets the Ecomuseum of Marsh Herbs of Villanova di Bagnacavallo

From 1st to 31st July, at MUSA, the exhibition of the tradition of working marsh grasses, which played so much part in the life of the salt workers.

Every Tuesday, to complement the photographic exhibition, MUSA meets the Ecomuseum of Marsh Herbs in Villanova di Bagnacavallo.

During the evening, visitors will be able to get to know the ancient weaving techniques of marsh grasses and the stories of those who still hold unaltered the heritage of that knowledge in the hands, that ranges from archaic artifacts, such as the fish basket, to fashionable productions with bags and hats.

To complete the experience, the exhibition-laboratory “Playing with nothing” which will offer a playful-didactic activity for the little ones, presenting a selection of old-fashioned games made with natural and recycled materials.

Curated by the Marsh Herbs of Villanuova di Bagnacavallo.

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    MUSA - Museo del sale di Cervia
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