MUSA meets Nature, Biodiversity, and Salt

Musa will host the guides of the Cervia Salina Visitor Center to meet adults and children, reveal the secrets of the salt pan related to biodiversity and how the production of salt affects the life of the fauna and flora that usually populate the oasis.

Through the tales and illustrations of the experts you will thus discover the magical world of the salt pans and their "inhabitants", such as the halophytic plants, unique in their kind and capable of adapting to the "extreme" conditions of the saline territories. Another protagonist will be artemia salina, a small crustacean rich in beta-carotene, thanks to which the feathers of flamingos turn pink.

If you are curious to venture into an experience to discover the biodiversity and naturalistic aspects of the salt pans, we are waiting for you on Thursday 14th July at MUSA, 9 pm.

The free initiative is included in the entrance ticket: € 2 per person.

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    MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia
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