Interpretation of Cervia

Luca is a self-taught painter. He started painting after receiving colors as a gift and loves to involve people in drawing and painting. His works are characterized by fast strokes, but are born from deep inspirations determined by the observation of the places and the emotions they arouse. In Cervia, salt and salt pan will be the main protagonists of the painting exhibition, but Luca Mandorlini intends to involve the museum's public in artistic expression by making himself available to the public by organizing a couple of workshop evenings.

He will be present at MUSA on Thursday 6 and 27 August with "Chiacchere e Colori on improvised Cervia". You can paint together with the artist, be guided by his creative energy to discover his own and create drawings with him dictated by the inspiration of the moment.

There is no exclusive area from which to draw energy to create. Luca paints life, reflects and carefully studies the subject he has in mind, and then launches into a fast and engaging execution. This is how he likes to define himself: “Luca Mandorlini, born in 1977, has been drawing and painting for twenty-five years almost every day. I love doing it with people from 0 to 150 years old".

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    Musa - Museo del sale
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