International Museum Day: free guided tour for Ukrainian guests

May 18, 4.30 pm

MUSA participates in the International Museum Day

Theme of the year: The power of museums

Extraordinary opening and free guided tour for Ukrainian guests

On May 18th the world celebrates International Museum Day organized by ICOM (international Council of Museums)

MUSA participates in this initiative with an extraordinary opening of the museum and with a free guided tour dedicated to the Ukrainian refugees currently staying in the municipality of Cervia. With this initiative, MUSA wants to contribute to the removal of cultural barriers through inclusion, acceptance, integration of the ethnic minorities present in the area.

Reservation is required via whatsapp at +393425211536 by May 6, specifying the names and ages of those who wish to participate. You will receive a confirmation notification.

This is an initiative aimed at making our reality, our origins and roots known with the aim of making those coming from other countries feel part of our community, but who currently live here even if temporarily.


З нагоди Міжнародного Дню Музею (Museum Day) з задоволенням пропонуємо вам відвідати безкоштовну екскурсію (з перекладачем) до Музею солі "MUSA" 18.05.2022 о 16.30 яку проведуть наші salinari (видобучики солі).

Червія має дуже давню традицію видобутку солі. Ми з задоволенням розділимо з вами наш досвід та традиції , розповівши про наші коріння та заснування. Таким чином ми хочемо сказати: "Ласкаво просимо" та відчути себе частиною нашої спільноти, навіть якщо ви походите з інших країн та знаходитесь тут тимчасово.
Гасло "Культура об'єднує світ" ми віримо у "силу музеїв", тема Міжнародного Дню Музею (Museum Day 2022) для того щоб скоротити відстань і розділити цінності та перспективи , дивлячись у мирне майбутнє та позитивні цінності.

Запис через WhatsApp за номером +393425211536 вказавши імена та вік бажаючих відвідати екскурсію . Вам буде відправлено повідомлення про підтвердження запису.


From this year's International Museum Day we wanted to make the theme of the year our own: The power of museums. At the same time, on this occasion we wanted to focus in particular on:

> The power to build a community through education: thanks to their collections and their programs, museums weave a social fabric that is essential for community building. By upholding democratic values ​​and providing lifelong learning opportunities for all, they contribute to forming an informed and engaged civil society.

However, MUSA also uses and aims at the other two powers indicated in the manifesto, namely:

>>  The power to acquire sustainability: museums are strategic partners in the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As key players in their local communities, they contribute to a wide variety of Goals, which include the promotion of the circular economy, the social economy and the dissemination of scientific information regarding environmental changes;
>> The power to innovate in terms of digitization and accessibility: museums have become innovative playgrounds, where new technologies can be developed and applied to everyday life. Digital innovation can make museums more accessible and engaging, helping the public to understand complex concepts with different connotations.

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    MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia
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