Guided tour with the salt workers

Monday 2nd August at 9.00 pm in MUSA - Salt Museum, free guided tour with the salt workers


On Monday 2 August at 9.00 pm the free guided tour of the MUSA - Cervia salt museum.

The salt workers of the Salinara Civilization Cultural Group will welcome visitors and lead them through the history of salt and the city.

The guided tour, included in the price of the entrance ticket, takes visitors on a journey through time, in the company of experts, in search of the origins of the city of Cervia, its evolution into the city of salt, its transfer to the sea, its vicissitudes dictated by the wealth that salt has represented for centuries in the city, until it reaches today's tourist reality.


Entrance ticket: € 2,

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    MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia
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