Between Salt and Archaeology

Sunday 27 December at 16.00

Free guided tour between salt and archaeology with the saltworkers

and the archaeologist Giovanna Montevecchi


Scheduled for 27 December at 16.00, the free guided tour of the museum and archaeological room of MUSA, salt museum of Cervia. Visitors will be greeted by the salt workers of the Gruppo Culturale Civiltà Salinara and guided through the history of the salt and of the town. Giovanna Montevecchi, historian and archaeologist, and friend of the museum, will enrich the visit illustrating the archaeological section of the museum, inaugurated in 2012, which encloses the past treasures of the salt town.

The finds of the local area on show today at MUSA will be reviewed. From the finds of the ship dating from the early middle ages found in Savio in 1956 to the fragment of the funerary moment in the shape of medusa found in the mid-1950s in the zone of Montaletto and delivered to MUSA by the children of the “Buonarroti” primary school following the thorough restoration by the Superintendence. Pilgrim ampoules found in the surroundings of the Church of Pisignano and the knowledgeable compositions of the coloured marbles of the mosaic carpets of the Church of San Martino prope litus maris found in 1989 in the area of the salt pans are also on show. To complete the explanatory overview of local history, on display in the cabinets is also ceramic and glass material of the old Cervia.

The guided itinerary accompanies the visitors on a journey through time, in the company of experts, in search of the origins of the town of Cervia to its development into salt town, and its relocation to the sea, to the ups and downs dictated by the richness which salt has represented for centuries in the town until its development into tourist destination. The visit is free and included in the ticket price.


Ticket price: 2€

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    Musa - Museo del sale
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