Initiatives archive of the Cervia salt museum

MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia

MUSA meets the traditional sailing boats of Cervia


Workshop for children at 9pm

MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia

Guided tour with the salt workers


Free guided tour to discover the magic world of salt pans

MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia

Cervia in the Mariegola delle Romagne: Lugsails of the old sailing boats


MUSA - Museum of salt of Cervia

MUSA meets Nature, Biodiversity, and Salt


MUSA - Museo del sale di Cervia

MUSA meets the Ecomuseum of Marsh Herbs of Villanova di Bagnacavallo


On Tuesday 6th July

Salt and Archaeology


Monday 5th July

Musa - Museo del sale

C'era una volta un Cristallo di Sale - Once upon a time


A guided tour for children inside the salt museum to explore the magical world of salt and the birth of sweet salt

Initiative for children from 5 to 10 years at 21.00. € 5 per child, free up to one meter in height.

Reservation required at IAT Cervia: 0544 974400

Camillone Salt Pan

Guided tours at Camillone salt pan


Every Thursday and Sunday at 5.00 pm

Camillone Salt Pan

Salt worker for a day


Every Tuesday at 4.30 pm