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The Via Romea Germanica becomes “European Cultural Route”. New developments also in sight for the Salt Walk of Cervia

The Via Romea Germanica is now a “European Cultural Route” like the Santiago Walk and the Via Francigena, until yesterday the only recognised walk in Italy.

The Salt Walk on RAI-Radio Live

The Via Romea Germanica winds its way through enchanted villages and beautiful natural landscape. It is the itinerary travelled in the Middle Ages by the German Abbot Albert of Stade, which, in Italy, from the Brenner Pass crosses the peninsula to reach Rome.

Free guided tours of the Camillone salt pan return

The appointments with the free guided tours of the Camillone salt pan are back, where the salt workers explain the process of salt production.


MUSA Salt Game

Re-opened to the public the salt museum of Cervia is tinged with colours for the treasure hunt dedicated to younger visitors.

“Cervia Vecchia – Ficocle” Project

The MUSA salt museum of Cervia holds an illustrated exhibition and presentation of the results of the first phase of archaeological recognition Saturday 21 December from 17.00